About us

A story of elegance and preciousness


Our work is marked by quality, because we love to guarantee our Clients special jewelry, created with great care, selecting gems with dedication and competence.

What distinguishes the creations we propose are the elegance and enhancement of the gems, which must be the true protagonists of the jewelry and will thus be able to enhance the beauty of the wearer as well!

We check every step of the craftsmanship process that take place exclusively in Italy, so our products are totally MADE IN ITALY. This can sometimes take a few extra days of waiting, but it is definitely worth it!

We use only natural gemstones, and each of them, especially for the most precious ones, is by its nature different from any other, so that is also why each of our jewelry can be considered truly unique and exclusive.


We make reliability a matter of principle, to which we pay great attention.

We guarantee for each piece of jewelry its quality and characteristics through a certification attesting to its naturalness and gemological variety. A kind of identity card for the jewel, provided both for the purpose of guaranteeing the purchase and to facilitate possible insurance.

The diamonds we use are only of natural origin and high quality, carry certification of origin and "come from legitimate sources, not involved in the financing of wars and conflicts, in full accordance with United Nations resolutions, and are therefore to be considered "conflict free" based on our knowledge and or written guarantee provided by our sources of supply".

The processing of our jewelry, completely MADE IN ITALY, takes place in artisanal workshops distinguished by a high level of manufacturing skills.

We pay great attention to the safety of our jewelry, even during shipping because we want our Customer to be always satisfied with the object he receives. We therefore affix seals and anti-counterfeiting systems to the parcels, and use reliable and punctual couriers, usually specialized for the transport of valuables.

“Each one resonates with a particular vibration of color, of substance, of form... Creating the jewel that enhances the one who wears it is a wonderful magic”