31 March 2024

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a variety of quartz varying in color from deep brown to pale smoky gray to black.

It is a silicon dioxide mineral that crystallizes in the trigonal system forming crystals, druses or massive formations.

It's color is caused by aluminum impurities and natural irradiation of the stone. Although smoky quartz can be almost opaque, it is almost always transparent to translucent.

The term "Smoky Quartz" was introduced in the early 1800s by J. S. Dana in association with its color sometimes comparable to smoke.

Like all quartz, it ranks seventh on the Mohs Scale in hardness, making it very durable. Speaking generally, quartz is chemically inert in contact with most substances and has electrical properties and heat resistance that also make it valuable in industrial use.

One of the most amazing properties of quartz is the ability of its crystals to vibrate at such precise frequencies that they can be used, for example, to make instruments and time-measuring equipment.

It is present and abundant in all parts of the world and forms at all temperatures. It is highly resistant to both mechanical and chemical weathering. This durability makes it the dominant mineral of mountaintops and the main constituent of beach, river and desert sand.

Smoky quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland, which has the longest tradition regarding this stone. The Celts, who colonized the British Isles as early as 300 B.C., quarried this mineral from the mountains of the Scottish highlands and called the dark brown to black crystals "Morion" and the yellow-brown to gray-brown crystals "Cairngorm," a name derived from the mountains where they were found.

These stones soon became a typical Highland ornament, either in clothing jewelry such as shoulder or kilt brooches or used in weapon handles.

Smoky quartz was a stone known to the Druids, resonating with the energies of Earth and darkness and used to connect with spirits belonging to the lower worlds or more simply to connect with the afterlife.

In fact, crystal therapy claims that smoky quartz, helps to reconnect with planet Earth and free the mind from irrational thoughts, allowing concentration and empowering one to realize dreams and goals. Smoky quartz also absorbs negative energies, helping to suppress negative thoughts and sadness and get rid of anxiety. It is traditionally connected to the 1st Chakra, an energy center located at the base of the spine.

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