15 February 2024

Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst is a mineral that belongs to the macrocrystalline Quartz group, that is, it develops large crystals, is a silicon dioxide, and by hardness is ranked seventh on the Mohs Scale. Its color, which varies from light lilac to mauve, purple and deep purplish red, is given by a trace of Iron in the crystal lattice.

The name comes from the Greek Améthystos (he who does not get drunk) in the ancient belief that the gem preserved from alcoholic intoxication. In fact, this gemstone is linked to a legend in classical Greek mythology, according to which the wine god Dionysus, in the throes of yet another drunkenness, pounced on the beautiful nymph Amethos. The goddess Artemis, however, to whom the nymph was devoted, transformed her into a crystal clear and colorless. Dionysus, once he came to his senses, repented of the act and poured on the crystal the "nectar of the gods," the best wine on Olympus, which together with his tears of atonement gave it a magnificent purplish color.

Amethyst is thus the child of a twofold transformation, as is also actually the case in the mineral world: in the early stages the crystal grows as a very clear white mineral and only later does it transform into a purplish quartz, taking on the color of the wine of the gods, as can easily be seen by admiring a geode in section.

Over time many properties have been attributed to it; currently, in crystal therapy, it is used to purify the aura and subtle bodies of all kinds of negativity; in fact, the color purple is associated with transmutation. In the psychic context it is used to recreate psycho-emotional balance and help one have a spiritual opening to understand universal truths. Even Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethyst possesses the power to drive away bad thoughts and sharpen the intelligence of those in contact with it.

On a physical level it stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes natural relaxation.

It corresponds to the 7th Chakra, energy center on the top of the head, and also to the 6th Chakra, in the center of the forehead.

It belongs to the Zodiac sign of Pisces and vibrates in tune with Planet Neptune. It has neutral energy, in fact it possesses both feminine Yin and masculine Yang polarities.

Numerology gives it the numerical value 4, and in flower therapy it corresponds to the Californian Lotus Flower.

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